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Talent & Performance

Hugh Todd

Hugh Todd


Hugh has 35 year’s experience in the development of company specific talent programs, aligning internal skills to company strategy and providing 'one on one' individual coaching. He has an unparalleled record of success in Europe and Australia and has won a national ‘best small business’ award in his native Scotland.

Since arriving in Australia, Hugh has built up a tremendous reputation as an expert in his field.

Some Highlights

Business Coach for 8 years with Taylor Wimpey (volume house builders in the UK), mainly with the West Scotland company’s Construction Division, but also with the Boards of two companies, the team of Operational Heads of another, and Sales & Marketing and Design & Planning departments. Results: The West Scotland company became the top rated of TW’s 24 companies in the UK within 3 years, and two of their site managers won the UK National House Building Co ‘site manager of the year’ award during this time. Significant progress also achieved with Greater Manchester and East Anglian companies.

Hugh also coached the Construction Director of Bellway Homes and his team. In all cases unwanted staff turnover reduced close to zero, desired turnover increased so that great teams were formed and stuck together. This has been maintained for the past 4 years through the extremely tough conditions in the UK, and has helped these companies to survive with their best people retained.

He was NATO’s leadership trainer and coach for 10 years, working to senior levels with engineering, IT, HR, Logistics, Finance, Air Defence Program, and HQ of NAMSA, the NATO managerial and administrative support agency.

Hugh currently coaches a network of 16 companies in the construction and design sector in Sydney, is a business mentor for Women on Boards, is a facilitator for Business Masterminds, and has founded his own business networking company - Business Connector Pty Ltd - after building up 1,600 members for the Sydney Business Networking Group.

His Business Oxygen programs are currently being rolled out to the 2,500 or so architects in Sydney.


Hugh draws on all of his experience to help leaders make great decisions and build sustainable success. His particular skills are in the people side of businesses.

One approach that regularly brings success is the introduction of a talent management system, tailored to the particular needs and aspirations of each business. This helps companies to make best use of resources, develops staff in relevant ways, and has a massive impact in helping to retain the best people in the organisation.

Equally effective in individual and group work, Hugh has around 40 specialist themes to draw on. His clients need to be prepared to make real changes if they are to get the real value of his expertise. If not, there is no point in us wasting each other’s time and resources.

Web: toddcoaching.com.au

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +61 0425 185 184

Legal Counsel

David Mendelssohn photo


DAVID BA (Syd), BLegS (Mcq) has practised law for 20 years and has 30 years experience in industrial relations.

David has worked for both major federal and state based trade unions for a total of 22 years.  He practised at the Sydney Bar for 5 years and has been a solicitor for 15 years.  In his legal practice, he has represented small business owners in industrial law matters in the courts and before industrial relations tribunals, as well as in a range of commercial and contract law matters.  He has also represented executive and managerial employees in employment contract matters.

David prefers to work towards a fair negotiated solutions whereby he empowers his client to have some control over the outcome.  However, when faced with an opposing party who refuses to settle on a reasonable basis, he will fight it wholeheartedly in court or before an industrial relations tribunal.

Contact Information:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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