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Welcome to electAssociates’ resource centre.  The aim of the resources centre is to provide both our clients and candidates with employment relevant and topical discussion papers. Simply click on the link and the document will be made available for you in PDF format. You can then print or save at your discretion

"The Art of Picking Superstars".

The Art of Picking the Superstars reviews the evidence available regarding the importance of emotion intelligence and the role it plays in determining your potential for success at work.  Also referred to as EQ, Soft Skills and Emotional Competencies, Emotion Intelligence has now been found to be more important to success than IQ. Enjoy.


" What is Alienation of Personal Services and how does it affect you?"

The following article is provided by the Australian Tax office and helps contractors and consultants determine whether your personal services income is affected by the changes to the tax law. The Alienation of Personal Income rules are very important and should be understood by all individuals working as an independent contractor. (PDF file, 6 pages, 150 KB).


"Interview Tips"

Here Adecco’s Icon Recruitment, one of the biggest recruitment companies in the world, provides some useful interview tips and guidelines. Key issues covered are preparation and background research, protocols of dress approach, managing the interview process and much more. If you’re successful in all your interviews then you can skip this but if this is your first time out or looking to improve then this article could be for you. (PDF file, 4 pages, 72 KB).


"Non-Disclosure Agreement between Client and Contractor"

This standard NDA template covers the essential aspects necessary for both parties to protect their respective proprietary information. Key issues are service definition and interpretation, obligations and scope, maintaining IP, liability and indemnity, non-solicitation and jurisdiction. The document is in Word format which you can quickly modify to meet your own specific needs. (PDF file, 7 pages, 123 KB).


"Contract Template of Appointing a Contractor"

This standard contract template covers the essential aspects of appointing a contractor. Key issues are service definition and scope, duration, rates and invoicing, confidentiality, liability and jurisdiction. The document is in Word format which you can quickly modify to meet your own specific needs. (PDF file, 4 pages, 123 KB).


Workplace Relations Australia

Consulting with your employees on all workplace related matters does not only constitute best management practice, it’s also the Law. Being an employer by default mandates that you will be functioning in a business environment that is subject to constant... Read More
All employers will need to ensure that they are acting within the intention of the Fair Work Act and thereby limiting their exposure to unfair dismissal claims.

Who cannot claim?

1. Exempt Employees: Employees who earn more than... Read More
Terminating an employee is often a traumatic and difficult time for all concerned.  This is not only from an interpersonal basis but also from a legal perspective. A wrong decision or interpretation can catapult you into the world of courts,... Read More