Tips: Performance Management and Contracts

What not to put in Employment Contracts

It is good practice not to provide specific reference to performance management processes or review/feedback schedules in your contracts as you will be bound to abide by them. If you fail to abide to the requirements, then you forfeit your right to terminate on performance grounds as the feedback may have facilitated an improvement in performance.

Deal with a problem immediately..don’t wait.

Deal with a performance related issue straight away..don't procrastinate and definately don't wait for next scheduled review. Some organisations have found that more regular but less formal performance appraisals, which are documented, are quicker and more effective.

Performance Management Training

Provide your management with performance Management training
Distribute your policies and procedures for dealing with performance issues to your management to ensure consistency in application. You should also provide training to your managers to ensure they have the skills to comply and apply the guidelines.