Legal Counsel: Our legal counsel are expert in their field and provide electAssociates with the best legal advice possible. click here (take them to Associates)


Keeping You up to date:  Our service is designed to keep you up to date with the latest changes that are likely to affect your business. This could be new court cases that set new benchmarks, changes in legislation covering employment scenarios, Work Health and Safety requirements, Environmental Management Requirements and much more.  Let us help you stay in touch. Remember ignorance is not accepted as an excuse.


Workplace Investigations:  The first line of defence in relation to any complaint made to the management regarding bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination etc is a Workplace Investigation undertaken by an independent investigator. The Investigation seeks to identify the pertinent facts in relation to a complaint and is presented as a report. An decisions the executive makes in relation to the complaint should be informed by the outcomes of the investigation.


Representation:  Whether a complaint is made to the Fair work Commission, Fair Work Ombudsman, industrial relations commission, Safework NSW or the small claims court, it is imperative that you are represented. electAssociates has extensive experience in all jurisdictions and work to ensure your best interests are protected. 


Compliance: Complying with all the various awards and or industrial regulations can be a nightmare for the small business owner.  When engaged we work with you to ensure your business is legally compliant with the plethora of industrial requirements that govern you business.


Legal Representation: Should the situation be such that you require legal representation we would introduce you our employment law expert Nicola Martin who is a partner at Squire Pattern Boggs.