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  • Over 50 and you feel your career is over?
  • Is your career in a slump?
  • Can’t seem to find work?
  • Not sure where from here?
  • Feel like you’re too old?
  • Your resume doesn’t even make sense to you?
  • Been in your own business and don’t know how to get out and find a new job
  • Are you jack of all trades and master of none?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then it’s time you had a coffee with someone who might be able to help you re-focus and re-charge you career.

You’re not alone. This is a common problem and affects a very significant amount of the working population. This program is suitable for everyone but has been especially effective for professionals who are over 45!

My approach is consultative working with you to:

I. Define what you are good at and what not.
II. Relate this to what job you should be doing. What makes you jump out of bed in the morning?
III. Re-write your CV according to what you want do in the future rather than what you’ve done.
IV. Work with you to get your thinking right.
V. Work with you to develop a plan to find a job.

In the first instance, I would like to have a confidential meeting over a coffee to discuss your situation and for both of us to determine if we can work together.

There are various billing methods:

These will be discussed with you during our meeting to decide which (if any) are best for your situation.

To organize a meeting, please call Bert Franzen on 02 9545 7736 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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