Compliance Audit

It is important that as an employer you comply with the mandatory statutory conditions stipulated under the relevant authority that govern your workplace. These may include, state or federal legislation, modern awards, related instruments and/or the relevant code of practices that may govern your work environment.

The Compliance Audit helps you determine your ‘as-is’ position and aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Review the work environment to identifying what statutes apply
  • Determine which instruments or modern awards govern your workplace
  • Identify which code of practices (if any) apply to your industry
  • Identifying areas of statuary non-compliance which are leaving your business exposed
  • Review and identify gaps and exposures in existing contracts and agreements
  • Review the organisation’s policies and procedures and identify areas of exposure which necessitate attention.

A report is provided outlining the gap, risk and exposures, and offers recommendations for resolution.