Policy and Procedures

From a HR perspective it is essential that the employer provide their employees with a set of up-to-date policies and related procedures that determine how various employee related matters are to be managed.

Policies and Procedures:

  • Protect your staff from bullying
  • Protect your staff from sexual harassment
  • Protect your business from discrimination claims
  • Protect your business from unfair dismissal claims
  • Promote and develop high achieving staff
  • Provide a mechanism to manage underperforming staff

Delivered as an on-line staff handbook, they are designed to be readily available providing guidelines and directions that are intimately aligned to your business strategy and culture. They take the worry out of being an employer, contribute to the smooth operation of your business and play a critical role in limiting your company’s exposure to legal challenges.

The ability to demonstrate the existence of appropriate policies and procedures are typically looked upon favourably by the IR Commissioner or Courts.

As part of the implementation, this service also provides a day’s workshop for all workplace managers and supervisors.

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