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We pride ourselves on doing an excellent job by finding the very best people for our clients. Our recruitment services specialise exclusively in the Information Technology & Telecommunications arena. Our focus is not only on providing high quality services to our clients but as importantly treating the candidates with the respect and professionalism they deserve.

The biggest benefit in using electAssociates is that as technical people, we understand your needs and have evolved processes designed to find you the very best candidates, not just the best available. We have faith in the quality of our candidates and offer our client 3-6 months guarantees on all placements.

When our clients engage us we guarantee service, focus and professionalism and in so doing provide a shortlist of no more than two or three of the very best candidates. These are selected and culled from a large pool derived through advertising, network searches as well as direct search and approach methods. A tight candidate market does not imply lowering hiring standards. Our methodologies allow us to elect the very best candidates for your company; not just the very best available.

We are happy to work on a ‘contingent’ basis however have found that once our clients get to know and trust us they prefer to work on a ‘Sole Supplier’ where they manage to control their costs with pre-agreed caps placed on fees and extended 6 month guarantee periods.

Our Approach

Our approach aims at simplifying the entire recruitment process for the client whist at the same time empowering the candidate with as much information about your company and position as possible. On engaging electAssociates, we devote considerable time and effort to understand the company, culture, necessary critical competencies as well as key performance criteria upon which the success of the appointment will be monitored.

We then take the following action:

The Position Brief

We crystallize the information gathered by producing a ‘Position Brief’ which is given to every candidate. The Position Brief provides information about the company, its history, the executive, products and services offered, selection criteria and a detailed position description. In essence our approach passively educates the candidate market about our client and assists in better positioning them as an “employer of choice” in a highly competitive market.

Sourcing Candidates

We devote a great deal of energy in sourcing a viable high quality candidate pool. It is from this pool that the candidate long list is produced. Every candidate is provided with a copy of the Position Brief for their review and consideration. Candidates who meets the long list criteria are then interviewed over a cup of steaming coffee in relaxing surrounds providing the congenial atmosphere necessary to ensure they are given every opportunity to best promote and ‘sell’ themselves. From these interviews we produce the short list which typically consists of no more then two or three resumes for consideration.

Shortlist submission

In submitting the shortlist to the client each resume will be accompanied by a detailed consultant report which outlines the candidate’s educational qualification, relevant criteria upon which they’ve been elected, consultant impressions of them during the meeting and remuneration status and desires. A selection is typically made at the end of this process with references checked accordingly.

Post Placement Follow-up

An important part of the recruitment process is that of the post placement follow-up. We stay close with the candidate for the first few weeks ensuring that the expectations created during the interview process are met. We identify ‘issues’ before they become problems and help to induct new staff into the fold with least disruption achieving optimum value.

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