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Your HR out of control?

Do you find your business has a high staff turnover? Are you feeling legally exposed because you’re unsure as to what your responsibilities and rights are? Do you have policies and procedures? Are your employment contracts so out of date they no longer make sense?

If yes to any of the above, then Managed HR Solutions from electAssociates are your answer!

We provide cost effective best practice solutions that:

  • Protect your legal interests
  • Attract, retain and develop the very best
  • Optimise Performance outcomes
  • Manage the entire employee lifecycle
  • Provide on-call expert advice when required
  • Provide low risk exit strategies of under performers


Workplace Relations Australia

Exclusive Services



Today more than ever, the Chief Executive of the small and medium enterprise (SME) is under increasing pressure to ensure compliance with a complex range of workplace related legislative requirements. Our services are designed to ensure that our clients can meet this challenge in a cost effective manner. This leaves the executive free to focus on the ‘main game’ of satisfying their clients’ needs and generating revenue.

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Optimise Performance

It is imperative that management is empowered to effectively manage the performance of their staff. Our performance management tools provide a constructive and exciting opportunity for employees to develop an appreciation of their strengths. As importantly, they also enable a structured framework to address areas that may require further development or consolidation.

Most executives are too busy having too little quality time to undertake necessary performance reviews. Accordingly, they tend to see the process as an inconvenient. Undertaking formal performance appraisals are an essential component in achieving staff satisfaction and higher levels of retention. Research has shown staff who are informed about their performance are more productive, achieve higher client satisfaction scores and stay longer. Conversely however, the process quickly identifies non-performers and determines the necessary groundwork to ensure a low risk termination should that become necessary.

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Easy to develop

electAssociates’ services are easy to understand simple to implement and easier still to use. It is our job to make it simple and help you take the ‘worry out of being an employer’. We do this by providing business with HR solutions best suited to their industry, mode of operation and culture. Typically, our clients are not quite big enough to have their own HR Department but still in need of high quality HR Services.

Our managed services engagement model has three simple steps:
1. Situation Analysis: Where is the maximum exposure and legal risk to the organisation and what needs to be done about it?
2. Solution Development and implementation: Identify all relevant modern awards, and develop policies, procedures and linked employment contracts.
3. Implementation: Running internal workshops that articulates the main benefits and fully implement the program on behalf of client.

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